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With the latest trends in the market, people take the hand of e-commerce for their shopping needs. With the transfer of businesses to online stores, new shopping websites are popping everywhere. Consumers now opt to buy from online stores than physically visiting the local store due to the convenience and deals offered by online stores on their products. Also, businesses are going online to attract new customers and expand their consumer base. But every online store may not ship to your location. This can be very frustrating when you want finally found a great offer on the product you have wanted to buy. At this time package forwarding services like Planet Express can help you get your product delivered at your address.

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Planet Express in an US-based package and mailing service that helps deliver your packages at shipping address outside the US. You can ship anything you can find from the e-commerce websites in the US and have them shipped to your address. They are affiliated with many companies like eBay, Amazon, best buy, and other online stores. Their one package plan delivers a single package to your location. In case of multiple packages, they offer consolidation plan to combine multiple packages into one. This can save you lots of money on shipping charges.

But before all this, you have to register with them and get your own account and reserved space in the California based warehouse. Registration is absolutely free and very easy. The warehouse address you get can be used to get your items delivered and stored there. You get 10-day free storage on single packets and 30 days on consolidated packages. Also, they help to reduce your shipping costs with their genuine and affordable pricing. Their staff has years of experience in the mail and package forwarding industry. With this, you can ensure that you get the shipping of products at affordable prices at your address.

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