Cellulite and Stretch Mark Creams: Hide It, Improve It and Smooth it Away

As much as we all like to believe that famous stars barely have any imperfections, we’d be fooling ourselves if we believed that photoshop is never used to achieve these gorgeous specimens.

What you see on magazine covers and in the pages of most fashion and beauty publications are not the real deal. Wrinkles, folds, scars, stretch marks and cellulite are all airbrushed away.

Famous women like Beyonce, Katy Perry, Cindy Crawford, Kim Kardashian West, Reese Witherspoon, Serena Williams, Kate Winslet, Chrissy Teigen, Blake Lively and Jessica Alba have all admitted to being human and having a few ripples of cellulite. Some of these celebrities have discussed their normal imperfections with the media.

Actress Sandra Bullock once suggested that even runway beauties suffer from the common condition of cottage cheese fat:

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“We all have cellulite. So do supermodels! I’ve been to the shows, and I go, ‘Stick figure has some cellulite!’ It’s nature. Without it, you’re not human.”

Having cellulite does not mean the end of the world because most women both young and old have some amount of this lumpy fat. According to LiveScience, cellulite is affected by one’s genetics and hormones. What’s peculiar about cellulite is its fat basis, and yet, when cellulite shows up on the body, it has zero to do with weight.

The most intelligent method of treatment is investing in the best cellulite and best stretch mark creams that contain unique and effective scientific formulas and can lessen the dimpled appearance on the thighs, rear, belly and even arms.

Liposuction, extreme exercise and diet won’t whittle it away, but topical treatments seem to deliver the best response. In addition, these creams and serums won’t break the beauty budget and are safe to use.

For example, the finest cellulite formulas really use scientific research to perfect their base of ingredients. When purchasing a cellulite topical, experts recommend looking for formulas that contain encapsulated caffeine or sophisticated peptides, birch leaf extract or a triple blast of coenzyme Q10, natural lotus extract and L-carnitine.

These kinds of incredible botanicals have revolutionized the way women attack the cellulite problem. These scientifically advanced formulas are now able to deliver smoother visible results in a matter of minutes. These fast-absorbing super creams offer excellent hydration, softer and smoother skin, good circulation for the tissues, a toned and lifted appearance and a better-sculpted figure.

Busting cellulite further can be achieved through the dry brushing technique and continuing to use the specially formulated creams.

Invest in a soft-bristled body brush to get the circulation revving and exfoliate dead skin cells. Cellulite experts say that dry brushing the skin in circular motions around the thighs, belly, rear, etc. is superb for the lymphatic drainage process. Think of it like a detox treatment, and perform the little ritual several minutes for a few times a week. The skin will feel smoother, firmer and less dimpled.

Cellulite can always be improved and smoothed. Don’t hide your body. Take action.