Classic Sunglasses Styles – Butterfly

Fashion in the sunglasses world, much like the rest of the fashion world, is cyclical. Things come and go, and then given a long enough period of time, they come around again. A prime example of is trousers – take for example the skinny and wide legged trousers. Throughout history fashions have alternated between the two, but for those not up to date on their fashion history, in more recent times the 1970s saw wide legged trousers, flares in particular, to be all the rage. The 1980s swung back with leggings and tight jeans, and the 90s back the other way with combat trousers and parachute pants. Fast forward to this millennium and skinny jeans were back in a big way, but already we can begin to see the swing away to looser trousers in some fashion circles. So goes the fashion swing on and on.

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Sunglasses have much the same flip flop with styles, and one model that is coming back in a big way is butterfly sunglasses. Synonymous with the 1950s style and popularised by such leading ladies as Jackie Onassis, the glasses tend to have oversized lenses and frames that extend toward the arms, giving each lens an asymmetrical appearance. Put two together and you can see how they get their name, as they look remarkably like the wings of a butterfly.

2017 has seen many of the major brands jump on the trend, including Calvin Klein, Jimmy Choo, Alexander McQueen and Lacoste sunglasses. In some cases these are new designs, whilst others have been around long enough to revive old designs dating back decades. Whichever one you like, it’s not a bad idea to invest in a good pair – you’ll be able to match all the celebs for the next year or two, and then pull them out again in a decade or so!