Cycling Jersey: Here’s How To Find The Right Fit

Every person has their unique sense of style and preference when it comes to clothing and fashion. Some like to wear tight and form-fitting clothes while others enjoy the freedom of wearing baggy articles of clothing. While this is all great and acceptable for everyday life, the same cannot be said for specialized sports clothing like the Nalini jerseys for cyclists.

All experienced and novice cyclists know that wearing the right size bike jersey helps them reduce drag while on the road while also allowing them to stay comfortable during long rides. For those that are unaware of the Nalini jerseys sizes, here are some sizing tips that will help you find the perfect size to use for your next cycling adventure:

Type Of Jersey

There are different types of cycling jerseys specifically designed for the type of cycling a rider does. Road bike jerseys tend to be tighter and more snug as road bikers cannot afford to deal with drag caused by the extra fabric on the road. However, mountain bike jerseys can be loose as mountain bikers do not rely on speed too much while on the trails.

Snug But Tight

A bike jersey should never be too tight on any part of the body. The right road bike jersey should fit the rider perfectly, especially at the arms without constricting the blood flow. Loose arm cuffs can hinder a rider’s speed on the road and make it difficult to maneuver when the cuffs get in the way too often.

Zipper Length

Jerseys that come with zippers allow riders to open the zipper and cool off during the ride. It is a perfect way to keep the body well-ventilated during long road bike rides but is not necessary for mountain biking or BMX riders. While some road bikers do prefer the full zip option, having one that can open just a few inches when needed is a good choice as well.

Sleeve Length

The length of the sleeve should also be taken into account. Long sleeve jerseys are perfect when used for colder temperatures, but can become uncomfortable when worn during hot and humid days. Although the sleeves can function as a way to protect the arms from sun damage, long-sleeved jerseys are much more expensive than those with short sleeves.

A good compromise is to invest in a high-quality short sleeved cycling jersey and arm warmers so that you can take off the warmers when needed without having to change your jersey.


Road bikers need to have pockets on their sleeves. Most jerseys already come with the standard design for bike clothing which has 3 pockets. Some riders do prefer to have less to prevent them from carrying more items that can affect their speed. If you do want to have and use all 3 pockets make sure they are located at the back of the jersey so that it does not affect your wind drag.

Shirt Length

When trying on a jersey, lean over right away to see if the length is correct. If your waist is exposed when leaning forward, it is too short and you need a bigger size.

Nalini Custom is the go-to brand when it comes to the riding clothing of the pros. If you want ultimate quality for the best value, check out our Nalini jerseys today.

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