Easy steps to make matt nail paint at your home

Today we bring you a new idea for decorating your nails. It is a trend of nails that is causing furor and that lately is much extended. It is about the manicure with matt effect. Although there are special enamels to get the matt effect on your nails, we will propose you to make your own homemade matt enamel and therefore, we will explain how to get nails decorated with matt enamel made at home. Log in to

homemade nail polish for nails has been one of the most famous trends and inclinations of the most important fashion lately, for the elegance that it supposes and the sophistication that it proposes before the luminosity of the current enamel, it gives a different touch and a very good presence for the girls in their day to day.

The matt enamel that is obtained in the stores is usually excessively expensive for the women, since it squirts between 25% to 40% more on the regular cost of enamel and is of greater influence, understanding the difference. With this type of nail polish you can achieve very nice nail combinations, you can combine accessories, ribbons and everything you can imagine, if you want some inspiration you can see these nail images and think you can change to achieve your designs. Watch more at Making matte nail.

There is a very simple way to achieve the matt effect on our nails.

First, to make a homemade, matte nail polish, you need baking powder, a small makeup brush, enamel base coat, nail polish and a tiny container. You should do the quick procedure because it dries in the same way. The first step to making matte nail polish is to strain the baking powder into a container, to the surface of the paint when it is used, then paint your nails with a base coat of enamel, then pour the baking powder over the damp nails With the brush, the powder will bond to the enamel.Let it rest a few seconds so that a small layer can penetrate the enamel; Remove the remaining powder with a clean brush, taking care to remove any residual dust particles; already for this moment your nails will be matt, since the chemical combination of these ingredients causes that effect. See making matte nail.

You must bear in mind that, to correctly apply the steps to create matt, homemade and nail polish, it is recommended to do the process with one hand and then with the other, put the short time in which the chemical combination dries there. If you do not want to put the powder on your nails you can mix it previously in some container and paint your nails in a normal way, this way also works very well.From now on it is inspiration and imagination, you can mix the matte enamel with normal enamel, the brightness of the normal enamel will give a very interesting contrast in your nails, also some accessories with brightness would come in handy, invite you to see some beautiful nails that will serve as inspiration for your nails.

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