Enjoy the true love quotes with your love

If you are in love, you may have been searching to get true love quotes. You may want to express the feeling but you may not be able to find the right words that you should use. You may also be looking to compose the wedding vows and you will be looking to get such perfect quote for such special day.

  • I do not believe in the idea of having soul mates or to love at first sight. However, I came to believe that few times in life, for someone who is lucky; he can meet with someone who is right for him. Not because anyone is perfect but because when you combine the flaws,  they may become the hinge that keeps you two together
  • Love is the friendship which caught the fire. It is a quiet understanding and a mutual confidence, forgiving and sharing. It is loyalty through the bad and good times.  It can settle for less and not perfection and it makes the allowance when it comes to human weakness.
  • True love is something infinite and eternal. It is pure and equal without any violent demonstration. It can be seen with the white hairs but it makes everyone younger at heart
  • The problem when it comes to cut the heart out and to give it to someone else is that it can hurt and you can never know if the person may throw it away. However, then it is important that you do that since if you do not, then it is cowardice.
  • True love, mostly the first love can be passionate and tumultuous and it may make someone to feel as if he is in a violent journey
  • True love is just like the ghosts, everyone does talk about them but only few have been able to see them
  • True love will not happen at once. It is a process which is ever growing. It will develop after you had passed many ups with down and you have suffered, cried and laughed together.
  • The true love is not fiery, impetuous or strong passion. It is at the contrary a deep and calm element. It will look beyond mere externals and it is attracted by the qualities alone. It is discriminating and wise, and it is at the same time a devotion which is abiding and real.
  • The thing with true love is that it gives the ringside seat over the flaws of someone. You can also spot thing that do not have to be mentioned.
  • True love will not be found where it is not and it will not be denied where it already is
  • Life is the game and the true love is its trophy
  • True love should not come to you but it is already inside of you
  • Nothing is able to bring some real sense of security in the home if it is not for true love