Eyebrow Tattoos – The Latest London Trend

An eyebrow tattoo is used to fill in, darken, or replace the natural eyebrow. There are a number of reasons to procedure performed: Mostly the reason is to enhance the appearance in the eyebrow area, maybe to lessen the headache of having repeating mornings of makeup application. People with alopecia may seek to have eyebrow tattoos since they are unable to grow natural eyebrows, and this is also helpful for people who have chemotherapy treatments. Some people that are allergic to makeup find that this is their best option; sparing them from the discomfort and reactions from their makeup, while those that have visual impairment, or have a disease that causes unsteady hands, may also feel that it would be easier having the tattoos. Having a scar, or thin or lightly coloured eyebrow hairs, are other reasons someone might opt for having this permanent makeup procedure.

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Before having the procedure performed you should do some research on how you want to look and when you go to your appointment, have some example pictures ready; to show exactly what you want. This tattoo; like any other, is permanent and you must be sure that it is done right: You may look for others that have had the procedure done and see their results. Here you can find more info.

When choosing a tattoo artist you must make sure that they are capable of getting you the results you desire: Look at their portfolio and see their examples of what they can do. Some artist may only do solid eyebrows, where others will draw on individual hairs to make it look more natural.

After you have picked your look and your tattoo artist you are ready to begin. When you get to your appointment be sure they understand exactly what you want, as the key item to getting good results is conveying the look you desire. As they draw on the sample of the eyebrow, look often and don’t be afraid to tell them if you don’t like the look; it is easier to fix before the actual tattooing is done. If you have a low tolerance to pain you may ask for some numbing spray to be applied.

There are two methods for applying the permanent cosmetic makeup: One is using an electrical instrument; this is the most common method for providing eyebrow tattoos and is done very quickly. A procedure can be done in as little as thirty minutes.  However there can be more pain when done this way; the manual method may be another choice if you have low pain tolerance. The manual method is more detailed and so does take longer to apply.

There are some questions you may have about caring for you eyebrow tattoo:


Do I keep the eyebrow tattoo moist?

When the procedure is completed you will be given some ointment to keep the area moist. You may have some swelling and bruising in the area after the tattooing is done. They eyebrows may also appear too dark at first, but will fade with time.

Although eyebrow tattoos are a form of permanent makeup, they can fade. The sun is a big factor in the fading, along with chlorine, Retina-A and alpha hydroxyl acid. If you have a fading eyebrow tattoo, it is time to get a retouch. If you were satisfied with the results, try to go to the same artist so you can get similar results. If you are unhappy with the results there is a laser treatment that can help remove or fade the tattoo area.