Give Yourself a Makeover

Getting a makeover is something we all think and daydream about, but we seldom choose to act on those daydreams because all we know about makeovers comes from fashion and beauty TV shows. We think that makeovers have to be drastic and expensive in order to truly count, but it doesn’t have to be the case. When you’re feeling stuck and looking for a way to change something in your life, a makeover is a good start.

Change your hairstyle

Before you storm into a hair salon to cut and dye your hair, you should do a bit of research and talk to your hair stylist. Be honest and tell them how much time you have for your hair every day, because there’s no point in getting a new haircut when you can’t maintain it. Show up with pictures and when your stylist asks you how short you’re willing to go (showing with your hands is more reliable than vague old ‘just a couple of inches’). Also, it’s good to know your face shape and to see which cuts go well with it, so you don’t end up disappointed after your treatment.

Change your wardrobe

To really give your wardrobe a makeover you will need help from your friends. Take out your clothes and go through them, sorting them into ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘maybe’ piles. You will probably find something that’s too old, too comfy, too tight, and age-inappropriate too, and you should be ready to part with it. Buying a new wardrobe can be expensive, so you don’t have to do it all at once. Instead, try changing some of your accessories, going monochrome if you’ve always been a print-lover, and pick something colourful if you’re into monochrome.

Try a new makeup look

If you’re not a person who usually wears makeup, you should try with smaller changes: start applying foundation and a mascara every morning. After a while, you can also try eyeliner, eye-shadow, and lipstick (or lip gloss). If you do wear makeup, you can try changing your style: get your hands on some new eye shadow and lipstick, and try applying your eyeliner in a different way (if you’re all about pinup and cat-eyes, try the double-winged style instead). When picking colours, make sure they go well with your skin tone, and if you’re not certain how to apply makeup, there are plenty of online tutorials which can help you.

Notice me!

Sometimes it’s all about emphasizing your best features, be it your hair, eyes, lips, or neck. If you have plump lips, you can swap your matte lipstick for lip gloss (or simply use a bit of lip gloss over your favourite lipstick to make your lips appear bigger). When you wear eyeglasses, it can be challenging to emphasize your eyes, but by wearing contact lenses you will keep your good vision, won’t have to worry about misplacing your glasses, and everyone will notice the colour of your eyes, especially if you pick an eye shadow to enhance your eye colour. Even those with perfect vision can wear coloured contact lenses and finally have eye colour they’ve always dreamed of.

Change your eyebrow shape

It seems as if people never paid more attention to eyebrows than they do now. From really thin and barely-there to full, thick, and shapely, eyebrows have become really important for a girl’s look. Get your eyebrows professionally shaped in a salon, and you will be surprised to discover how different your face will look. When you get a skilled professional shape your eyebrows, it can make the area around the eye appear more open and even ‘lifted’, giving you that youthful look. The best thing is that maintenance only involves removing stray hairs on the top and ‘cleaning up’ underneath your brows.

Staying in your comfort zone may be an easy way to go through life, but making a change every now and then is a good way to shake things up and try something new. Not only will you get to know yourself better, but you’ll also figure out what looks good on you and what makes you feel good. Dare to become a more confident version of yourself by giving yourself a makeover this winter.