How Rivoli beads are given different textures

Rivoli beads are the biggest sensations these days. Not only the jewelry makers but the girls are looking forward to buying a huge collection of the beads to assure that they can make some of the exciting pieces of jewelry.

The biggest attraction of the beads is that they can be used in all types of jewelry from the bracelets to necklace and even rings. That is why everyone prefers Rivoli beads over all other types of crystals and beads available in the market.

There are many curious minds that are attracted by the texture of the Rivoli beads and they are keen to know that how different shapes and textures are given to the beads. To answer your questions let us give you a tour of the manufacturing of the beads.

Flame texturing

The most commonly used method for the manufacturing of the beads is the flame. It might be a little dangerous, but it gives the best texture to the Rivoli beads. Now it is used when glass or crystal is the raw material used for making the beads.

The raw material is first melted at a high temperature, but it is assured that its durability will not be harmed. After that when it is in the semi-solid state it is added into molds of different shapes and shade is given to the raw material. It is left to cool down. Once done you can get the texture that you want.

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Handcrafted Rivoli beads

It is an old and traditional method of giving different shapes to the Rivoli beads. It was used before the introduction of the machines and flame method.

  • The experts will melt the raw material and will wait for it to cool down a bit, so they can easily touch it.
  • Now the raw material is given different shapes by using the hands and mold if available
  • Once they have a specified shape they are left to harden.
  • The hardened beads are then given a unique texture
  • These are hardest to make and so are often expensive

Usage of machines

We all know that it is the age of technology and all the old methods have been taken over by the machines. All you have to do is place the raw material in the machine and select the texture that you would like to have. After few minutes of working you will get the textured Rivoli beads from the other end of the machine. They are ready to pack and to be distributed in the market. The hardest part is making a hole in the beads and to assure that it is perfect.

Bottom line

You already know that there are hundreds of textures in which v are accessible. So you have to assure to buy the one that you are most comfortable with. Remember that different styles, textures, and quality have different rates. So select the one that you can easily manage in your budget. Make some of the best jewelry pieces.