How to Select the Right Dress for Plus Size Women

When you plan to go out to attend a function, a million dollar question is what to wear? Many times choosing the right clothes for a particular occasion becomes a confusing task and the entire selection process becomes even more difficult when you are of plus size. In the present scenario, you do not have to worry about it, this is a thing of past.

Earlier when plus -sized woman have to go out, they have to strive hard to get a perfect dress. The problem was due to the limited options, but now things have changed. You will get plenty of options at to select from and there is no limitation for plus sized women.

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Here are some of the things you need to take care while selecting a perfect dress for you.

Know your body type

When you are going through a selection process, you are supposed to know your body type. This is the most important thing to start with. If you are not aware of your body type, then you cannot select the perfect dress for the occasion. Body type is divided in four types, triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass and rectangle.

If your body is triangle -shaped with thick thighs and large hips, then you must avoid skintight jeans. These types of clothes will make you look even more bulky. In this situation, you are supposed to go for a streamlined skirts or trousers. This will take away the attention from your heaviest part, your hips. Layered clothing is also a good option to hide your sagging bottom-line.

Right color and texture

Color is also important to make a fashion style and black color will give you slimmer appearance. You can also opt for other colors like violet, royal blue and red. Stay away from wearing prints and do not purchase clothes, which have bold prints. Clingy fabrics will highlight the part, which you want to hide. It is good to select fabrics from like denim, cotton and linen.

Proper fitting

Fitting can make an outfit talk of the town and it can also downgrade it. You may have seen that plus size women always wear shapeless clothes, because they want to hide their body. Fashion experts advise to wear those clothes, which are comfort table on your legs and hips.

The same rule applies when you buy tops. In case of a larger bust, make sure that your dress fits it well. Wearingwell-fitted clothes will bring the transformation in your personality.