Professional Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know!

Every woman wishes to have a direct line to professional advice to learn their beauty secrets. It’s our job to pick the brains of the top professionals in the beauty industry, so we think it’s high time to share the best tips we’ve heard over the years. we’ve picked out the best of the best when it comes to tricks of the trade. Get all the beauty secrets you never knew after the jump.Read this article to see the most unique ones and the ones you can actually use!

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  1. Put aluminum foil sheets in the freezer. Once the sheets are chilled, apply to your face to reduce puffiness and tighten pores.
  2. If you have dry, sensitive, or dull looking skin, you can use raw honey as a facial mask. Raw honey can exfoliate, promote collagen renewal, and increase elasticity. Brush the honey over your face, let sit for 30 minutes, and rinse with warm water.
  3. Heat your eyelash curler with a blow dryer for about 5 seconds. (test on your hand before using it on your eye) The heat will act as a curling iron and will give even the straightest lashes staying power. Remember to use waterproof mascara before applying any type of heat to your lashes as it helps to keep the curl. Much like spraying hairspray on your hair before using a curling iron.
  4. Always start with the bottom lashes when applying mascara. Many people start with the top lashes. This causes little black dots to appear on your already applied eye shadow. To ensure perfectly applied eye makeup, apply the mascara to the bottom lashes first.
  5. Placing loose powder on your eyelids before applying eye shadow allows the colors you place on top to blend smoothly and flawlessly.
  6. When you hear smoky eyes, what do you think of? Most people would think it meant black, but it’s actually a perfect shading combination, not a color. You can use any color combination to achieve this look. The first step is to apply the shadow from bottom to top. Layer on the lightest shade first, from the natural crease of your eye, up to the brow bone. You can build on this with a darker shade on top and bottom lash lines.
  7. When applying lipstick, be sure to apply and blot three times. This will ensure that it builds in layers, which allows it to adhere to the lips.
  8. To keep you lips from looking asymmetrical when applying liner, start from the middle of your top and bottom lip, then to the outer edges. Finish up by drawing from the outer corners to the middle, filling in the entire lip with the liner.
  9. Want matte nails, but don’t have the product on hand? Boil water on the stove and while your nails are still wet, wave your hands over the steam. This will immediately mattify the polish.
  10. To reduce flyaways, after pulling you hair into a pony tail, apply a dab of gel to a hard bristle tooth brush. Run the tooth brush along the hairline toward the pony tail. This will put the fly away hairs in place and keep them there.
  11. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar in your palm with your favorite shampoo to remove product buildup from your hair. Apply from the roots up and leave in for three to five minutes for amazingly clean hair with a beautiful shine!