Reasons For Trending Interracial Dating Lifestyle in the US

It is close to over 50 years when partners of interracial origin in the US took head on the anti-miscegenation laws and made it possible for other partners to no longer hide their love for fear of legal action. Things may have changed socially, and there is a lot to say about interracial relationships and marriages lately. The country has taken long steps in the discourse. In the case of interracial dating, there are many reasons why people are considering them.  However, this should not be confused with the stereotypes thinking that tend to have a wrong view of the interracial dating.

Interracial dating is never about being black or white or even at times straight. The media is at good portraying this image of black and white. However, there is need to look beyond black and white and understand that interracial dating is more extensive than that. Interracial marriage can simply mean a black woman or man with an Asian counterpart. Consequently, at times this couples may not even look like interracial as some multiracial can be termed as racially ambiguous or yet confused to a race that they do not identify with. All this give a broad view of interracial and so it is in the case of interracial coupling.

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Sex is another issue that tends to be used to describe interracial coupling and marriages with many concluding that interracial relationships receive hinge on sex. There are believes that black
girls are wild than whites or Asians are more submissive than the whites, or black men have a bigger penis than the whites. I do not dispute that sex is a vital constituent of a relationship, but again it should not be a viewed motivation for committing to a relationship interracially or in any other. But still, people have sexual need that they feel this is the best couples to solve them.

Consequently, being in an interracial relationship is at times viewed as answering the racism problem. People believe that the beauty of interracial coupling or even marriage portrays how the world can be a better place. Again it gives the view that one is open-minded and accepts all people equally. Although in a perfect world race would not be an issue, the ideal world is imaginary. The interracial marriages have helped solve the longtime vice in our country hence the rampant growth.

Lastly, the beauty of any relationship and now the interracial relationship is the learning opportunity that they provide. Someone who comes from a different background or views thing from a different perspective as you tend to have a lot to learn from. Speaking gives couples an opportunity, to be honest with each other. There always something new to learn from someone
of a different race hence the rampant growth of interracial coupling.