The 5 Thumb Rules For Buying Anarkali Online

Today innovations and experimentations are taking place with every aspect of the fashion industry in India. From fabrics to designs, from printing to embroidery, each is being done with a twist of the current trends defining them.

This change in the conceptualisation of Indian clothes can be prominently seen in the intensely traditional anarkali suits and designer blouses available today. Anarkali suits are currently available online in a variety of designs, colour, fabrics and range. Hence while choosing them it is necessary to know the:

  • Different anarkali types: The different types of anarkali suits that are available online make for a mindboggling collection. They differ in the style in which they are made and can be classified into:
    • The cotton anarkali for casual wear,
    • The silk anarkali for weddings etc.,
    • The bridal anarkali, for the wedding day,
    • The party-wear anarkali, with its modern twist for those informal dos,
    • The traditional anarkali, with its rich work, traditional fabrics etc.,
    • The designer anarkali, with its innovative approach,
    • The simple anarkali for wearing on a daily basis and
    • The Pakistani anarkali which are trendy, traditional, gorgeous and vivacious.
  • Body type: Indian women can generally be classified into the following body type:
    • Pear shaped,
    • Plus sized,
    • Hourglass shaped,
    • Rectangle shaped,
    • Tall statured,
    • Petite and short statured etc.

The type of anarkali which will look good depends on the type of body a person has.

  • Fabric of the anarkali: Anarkali suits online come in a variety of fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, khadi, raw silk, chanderi, knitted material etc. The choice of the anarkali depends on the:
    • Occasion for which it is to be worn and
    • The time of the day and climate in which it will be worn.
  • Length of the kurta: The length of the kurta plays a significant role in the final selection of the anarkali. If the person has a good height, they anarkali length can be of any height ranging from below the knees to floor length. But for people who are short, keeping the kurta length above the kneed gives the illusion of height.
  • The number of pleats: The number of “kalis” or pleats present in an anarkali also acts s a determining factor in choosing the correct anarkali suit. Hence people with excess weight should opt for the full bodied anarkalis. While people who are petites should opt for anarkalis with lesser flare.

The anarkali is and will always remain the high-point of Indian fashion. And purchasing it will require thought and dedication. So happy buying!