The History Of Schott NYC

In 2013, Schott NYC celebrated their 100th anniversary. It is considered an American iconic brand because they have continued to manufacture here at home and keep on the classic clothing that people have bought into. From their three main stores in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, they provide customized production while shipping online to anywhere around the world. Schott NYC has not changed with the times, but have sold their goods to everyone and fitting in with any time and any culture.

In started in 1913, Irving Schott and his brother Jack started a business in the Lower East side selling raincoats and jackets door-to-door. They built their jackets from scratch, personally stitching all of the leather, cotton, and wool like most factories did at the time. Irving’s leather jackets with a zipper would be the best-seller in the city, especially during the Roaring 20s with the introduction of the first leather jacket mostly for motorcyclists called the Perfecto. It sold well thanks to Harley Davidson, who marketed it as durable, rugged, and bodily comforting.

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When the country went to war in 1941, Schott was given the task by the military to create the”bomber jacket” and naval pea coat for the soldiers when fighting in cold terrain in the Pacific and in Europe. They would become a staple of the military for the next six days for its popular look and warmth. At the end of the war, Schott’s Perfectobecame a popular piece of clothing in the rock-and-roll 50s, in part to Marlon Brando’s The Wild Ones, as well as popular usage by teenagers throughout the decade. It symbolized the brand’s alignment towards the teenage and twenties demographic in sales.

It would be reflected again twenty years later in the 70s punk era in the famous underground clubs featuring The Ramonesand Joan Jett, then in the decades after with other rock artists and the biker subculture.During this time, Schott NYC became a hot commodity in global sales because it was always produced in America, not abroad as many other stores did. It expanded from jackets and coats to shirts, shoes, jeans, leather goods, and other accessories for both men and women. From Manhattan, they moved their factory across the river to Union, New Jersey, where they work to this day.

The livelihood of Schott is to be in the U.S.A. and continue the process of making their goods as they were a century ago. The company is owned by the Schott family to this day, proudly making their at home in a time people are looking to keep such production at home rather across the world. Instead, Schott sells abroad and profits well from their lengthy history. Now, they sell online and have really expanded the family business. Regardless of the challenges that constantly lay ahead of them, they solider on and have consistently won against the odds.

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