Tips to Achieve the ‘NoMakeUp’ Makeup Look

Today, most Hollywood celebrities are embracing the ‘No Makeup’ look. In fact, Keira Nightly and even the Princess of Duchess herself, Meghan Markle, opted for this appearance on her wedding day.

Ever wonder what this trend is about? More importantly, how can you achieve this look?

Less is more when it comes to this newest beauty trend. According to Daniel Martin, makeup artist of Meghan Markle on the royal wedding, ‘barely-there look’ is about enhancing what you have rather than creating what you don’t using cosmetic products.

How to Achieve This?

Here are the steps to follow to get this look:

Give Your Skin Some Love

The No Makeup look is all about having a glowing skin. Before trying this trend, it is essential to take care of your skin first. Using hydrating masks and moisturiser every day makes a long way in achieving a youthful glow. Here are other skin care products you can use:

  • Cleanser – A face cleanser not only removes the cosmetics in your face but also prevent acne and spots from appearing. This is because it can remove the deep-seated dirt that can cause skin issues.
  • Night Cream – This product is all you need to hydrate your tone. There are many types of night creams that don’t leave a sticky feeling so make sure to check out those.
  • Cooling Water – Micellar water is popular nowadays, and with reason – it’s a product that can remove makeup as well as clean skin gently. Compared to other cosmetic products removers, this doesn’t give you a burning feeling. You can use it as a makeup base or a corrector.
  • Skin Refiner – A refiner can remove the dry skin as well as hydrates and soothe your face. This can also promote cellular turnover. For people who want to exfoliate without irritating their face, this product is a must-have.

Use a Concealer

Hiding your blemishes using heavy foundation is going to destroy your No Makeupmakeup look. Remember, your goal here is to appear naturally beautiful, so swap your powder blush and heavy foundation with a light concealer. For visible breakouts, use a pigment-rich concealer.


Use a liquid blush that comes in a neutral shade. If possible, choose the one that is close to your skin tone.  Warm blushes that come in peaches shades give skin a natural flush. Gel fluid formula blushes can also be used on your cheeks.


When it comes to lipsticks, nude shades are the way to go. Tinted products can be applied as well. The point is to use a product that can moisturise and give your lips glow. Just make sure to buy lipsticks that are pigmented so you don’t have to worry about reapplying this again after eating.

Achieving the famous No Makeup makeup look will be easy by following these tips.Choose the right tones, mind the application and amount of product to look dashing without too much effort. Let us know if you have hacks and other tips.