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Types of bras you should know about

Bra is no longer a functional cloth, in fact the science behind this piece has progressed significantly, giving excellent support and full comfort that is received in all shapes, materials and sizes.

There are types of bras available in the market varying from flashy to functional and novelty to nursing. Let’s take a look on bra types:

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  • Training bra is for teenage girls whose breasts just start to grow. It is very small and gives some support while girls learn to wear a bra.
  • Full cup bra covers the most part of breasts and is particularly designed for females with large size breasts to provide complete support as well as comfort.
  • Demi-cup bra is a half cup style that only covers the nipples and is made for all sizes of breasts. It can be chosen by women with any breast size, it is fine to wear with shirts as well as dresses with deeper necklines
  • Underwired bra has a wire that circles the lower half of the breast and wire supports to maintain the shape. However some females do not feel comfortable in underwired bras.
  • Soft cup bra replaces underwire, it comes with firm support band.
  • Strapless bra comes without shoulder straps, it is also chosen to wear with shirts and dresses that expose shoulders.
  • Rack back bra comprises of a V shaped pattern for the shoulder straps in the back. The straps lie near the neck, making it perfect to wear with specific shirts as well as dresses.
  • Sports bra is particularly designed for physically active females who need supportive and comfortable piece of cloth that can withstand extreme activities.
  • Maternity bra adjusts itself with a changing breast size of a pregnant female.
  • Padded bra is made with additional padding in the cup linings. It provides a look of larger breasts.
  • Push-up bra provides the maximum cleavage improvement. It has a special structure with significant padding made to push the breast upside.
  • Minimizer bra is made for females with large bust, normally more than 34C. This bra compresses and shapes the breasts as well as provides full comfort and support.
  • Bridal bra shapes the waist to fit in a wedding dress. This bra improves the posture as well as gives the complete support for breasts.

You can buy bra online easily for the above categories and choose the best fit piece for you.