Why Hair Masks Are A Beauty Girl’s Best Friend

Us girls love to feel beautiful. We adore it when we head out for a spot of shopping, a coffee with our girlfriends or a date with our significant other and we feel like nothing short of a million dollars!

The condition of our hair has a huge amount to do with how good we feel about ourselves. That’s right when we notice split ends, dry texture and a dull appearance to our locks, it sure does have a negative impact on our feel-good factor for the day. So what can we do to make sure that our hair is doing all in its power to make us feel like a princess? Actually, the secret could lie in two simple words; hair masks.

‘Hang on a minute’ you may be thinking,’I know that hair masks smell amazing and are fun to do, but aren’t they just a bit of a gimmick?’

My dear beauty girl, you could not be further from the truth! Hair masks have the potential to transform your hair and have it looking gorgeous, radiant and healthy, in no time at all. In fact, let me tell you all about a few of the dazzling benefits that come with using hair masks.

Long Lush Locks Are Within You Reach

So you gaze longingly at the long, lush hair of the model in your recently-purchased beauty magazine and wonder why on earth you can’t get your hair to grow in the same way? One simple fact that many of us overlook is the fact that everyone’s hair has a natural breaking point. This is the point when the hair will decide to fall out instead of keep growing. However, when each of those strands of hair are stronger they can postpone their breaking point, for you, that means your hair gets to grow longer, just what you wanted, right?

This is where a hair mask really comes into its own. Used once a week, the right hair mask can condition your hair from the inside out, keeping it strong, encouraging health and coaxing it to grow the way you want it to.

Keep Your Color Locked In For Longer

We all love that moment when we walk out of the hairdressers after getting a color and we know that our hair is seriously ‘killing it’! Yes, that fresh color is dazzling and we head over heels in love with it. Unfortunately, it only takes a matter of weeks for that ‘once amazing’ color to start to look dull or less than perfect.

Your new habit of using a hair mask is, yet again, going to come to your rescue. Choose a deep conditioning mask that is packed with hair-loving ingredients and be sure to pamper your hair with it at least once a week. you will soon see that your color is locked in for longer and you get to fall more and more in love with it, with each passing week.

Styling Will Be A Walk In The Park

Don’t you hate it when you are trying to style your hair but it just won’t do the thing you want it to do? Sometimes, it can feel like you have used half a bottle of styling product on your hair and it still looks as bad as when you first started!

Not only does this take up a lot of your time, lead to a huge dose of frustration and totally ruin your state of happiness for the day, it also does a lot of damage to your hair! Pulling at your hair, clipping it, and using a heap of product on it, isn’t exactly what your hair needs to thrive!

Being in the habit of using a good hair mask means you can wave goodbye to all of those styling issues. Hair that is well moisturized and conditioned with the help of the right hair mask will not be as prone to frizz and will generally behave itself much better. You should find that your hair is easier to style, easier to detangle, softer to blow dry and generally make you feel like a happier person!

You Get To Enjoy A Few Moments Of Luxury In Your Hectic Life

These days, we all seem to lead lives that are far too busy. It can seem like we spend our whole day rushing from one activity to another. Getting the chance to indulge in a little luxury can feel like a mission impossible! However, we all need to shower or bath, so instead of seeing the task as a quick ‘splash and dash’ use it to give yourself some much-needed TLC.

View yourThree Squares Soilhair mask routine as a relaxing treat that is all about having a time in your schedule for ‘me time’. Of course, if you choose a hair mask that smells sensational it will soon get you in the mood for indulging your sense of luxury; come on, we know you have it, we all do!

Bleached Hair Needs Protection

You know that old saying about being in ‘blondage’. That’s right, if you, like me, bleach your hair from time to time, you know all about dry texture, split ends and a general feeling of being cruel to your hair! Going blonder means that moisture has to be pulled from the hair and unless you use a treatment to combat it, you are going to end up with hair that has a drier texture than before.

If you are a beach girl, be sure to choose a hair mask that is specifically designed for bleached hair. Get into a habit of regular use and you will soon start to see the shine and dazzle return your hair.

Certainly, we all love to feel great about ourselves and our hair plays a key role in just how high that greatness reaches. We hope that the reasons we have outlined above have helped you to see that hair masks really are a beauty girl’s best friend!