Women Entrepreneurship- The highlight of the recent trend

Women versus Men! The debate has been left without conclusive thoughts and the ability of each of them is said to be superior to the other. In the traditional times, the things that happened outside the boundary of the home were completely dependent on men and women were only kept to handle the household activities. It is hard to work outside and face everything with patience and courage the men claimed. Come on we deal with internal issues and keep the home alive and you don’t even know about what has happened lately in the home, Women encountered.

But this debate now took a completely new route. Now the men aren’t the only entity that could claim that they work outside to earn a livelihood.Since the late1990s, the women have started to grow in the field of entrepreneurship and the trend took such intensity that in the current times almost one-third of all the entrepreneurs are women.This clearly states that women are no less than the men and the debate now is almost getting concluded. For proving this statement a bit more here is the list of female entrepreneurs that made their names to be big in their respective fields.

  1. Sara Blakely

The founder of “Spanx”, Sara Treleaven Blakely is a self-made billionaire. Her apparel company is listed in some of the most selling companies and the entrepreneur has made to the list of “Times 100 most influential personalities in the world list” in 2014. Starting with a low paid job of selling the fax machines door to door she took on the world to prove the guts and skills that she had. Her idea was not valued by a number of companies and then instead of getting the ultimate tag of another womanwho couldn’t do anything she instead decided to get everything to be done by herself and within some years her company Spanx made her be announced as one of the successful women entrepreneurs in the world.

  1. Shelia Lirio Marcelo

The Filipino-American entrepreneur makes it to the list with her guts and mindset. Failure is not in my vocabulary. This ideology made Shelia achieve everything that she ever wanted. a big name in the industry offamily care products. The company was started by Shelia Marcelo all by herself and the idea of providing health care and family care to people took her to build such a company. Shelia is one of the names in Women entrepreneurship in the current times that came from a lower class background and were able to achieve something big.

  1. Shelley Goodstein

Unlike the other people in the list, Shelley was not someone who was into the list of Women Entrepreneurs by the inspirationof doing good to the society but she made her innovative idea to be one unique of a thing that makes her able to get into the list. The idea of hair extensions made Shelley Goodstein to take the world of fashion and hair extensions to be improved. Hidden Crown Hair Extensions is the venture that she started where she provides the hair extensions that do not damage the real hair of women. The idea did amaze everyone and thus got a tremendous success.

  1. Madam C.J. Walker

The African-American self-made millionaire. The expertness in beauty and hair care was the specialty of Ms. Walker. She is another example of beating all the odds and stereotypes in either way or making something to be achieved that makes your identity and existence to be worth. She is a beauty expert who offers beauty and hair assistance services through Madame C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company. The lady made her venture to be identifiable through the expertness and quality of services.

These women were not stated to be described what they have achieved but it is to prove the case that women in the current world are achieving way more then we expect them to. Expect them to? Well, the thought that is to be clear here is that women are no less powerful and carry the same intelligence as men only it’s their mindset that stops them from achieving great things.